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The “semi-sandwich" panels are made of a high density extruded polystyrene plank, on which we have adhered a stone coating, formed by reduced thickness tiles of marble, granite, porcelain ...

Stone on the outside and interior insulation.

It is a lagging and isolating covering system for walls, that takes as its basis the PANEL TERMOPIEDRA and supplements it with anchorage accessories and connectors, providing a complete constructive solution.

Protected by the patents: 200.302.662 / 200.401.213 / 200.401.391 / 200.402.853

Simple and efficient is the best definition for this panel which combines the properties of the insulating material with the best of the coating facades.

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Marble, granite, stone, porcelain ..., are the materials which give to the TERMOPIEDRA PANEL its beauty and tested durability.

The high impact resistance of TERMOPIEDRA PANELS  is due to their layered structure, which connects rigid and resistant materials with elastic ones. In case of breakage of the tile lagging  it never becomes detached.

The bonding of the elements is carried out and monitored by an industrial process that ensures a high standard of quality and homogeneity.
The suitability of the adhesives used are tested both by the results of specific probes carried out, similar to the existing procedure in aircraft, naval and automotive applications.
The anchor of the panels to the wall is double, consisting of a mechanical and a chemical fixation. Both are calculated (AE-88) to resist all efforts individually.

The impermeability of the extruded polystyrene added to the panel’s connecting system, made up of mechanical and chemical connectors, guarantees the total waterproofing provided by the DEPROT SYSTEM.
The position of isolation from the outside prevents the formation of condensation on the enclosure walls  keeping them safe from humidity.

The position of isolation on the outside and the high quality of the insulation on the walls provide high heat resistance using the XPS coated DEPROT SYSTEM. A wall formed by a piece of  “solid” brick and TERMOPIEDRA PANELS has a thermal conductivity of only k= 0.36 Kcal/m2 k hºC (W / m 2 ºC).
To the high thermal resistivity must be added the lack of thermal bridges and great thermal inertia of the wall towards the interior.

The prefabrication of components, its lightness and its easy installation system, mean that the DEPROT SYSTEM obtains high assembly yield results.

The removal of a ceramic leaf, the incorporation of a single leaf of insulation and coating, the thinness of the coating, and the slenderness of the package, coupled with the ease of placement and speed of assembly, are the reasons which make the DEPROT SYSTEM so competitive.

TERMOPIEDRA and SISTEMA DEPROT are registered trademarks.


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